you haunt me
   like winter specters
   lost in summers
   off California coastlines

I am pleading for horizons
   that drown suns and
   birth complexions of obsidian
   cathedrals draped in rain

bleed into me your last hope
   I will shelter it like tidal lullabies
   over sacrosanct reefs of coral
   memories carved in cerebral stone

breathe into me your last kiss
   I will devour it
   like eternity devouring oblivion
   like time devouring love

Fire Fighting


He had it coming
With his flames out
In the open and
Exposed to attack.

I’m sure he has burned
Someone in the past
Who didn’t deserve
What he did to them.

I’m only striking
First in order to
Protect myself from
Being burned by Fire.

I throw sand at him,
An effective ploy.
It gets in his eyes
And he stumbles, blind.

Victory is mine.


Here my dusty car will be the vessel of future eyes on all your words. Until I have that connection again. I’ll be in my truck heading north.
only my absolute best regards,


It’s still me
hiding behind
this swath of hair
I pull across my mouth
maybe I build myself
a wall of black velvet
to take a deep breath
of freshly washed hair
imaging pink freesia
in some foreign place
or to hide words I read
embarrassed by nothing
but the need to explain
a devious smile as it
continues to spread
across my cheeks
every silent strand is
my refuge, my calm
a countenance of relief
as I hide behind
a wall of black velvet



Dive in the Sun

water clear grey green

in and out of the gullies

scallop bagging

peripheral ghost grey shadow

rock hiding foot tugging

vision eluding

boat returning

examining fins

plastic imprinted

semicircle of

seals teeth

Diving a different sea

silicone waves keyboard storms

some wallow, some swim

others dive and own the ocean

scattering words of perfection

and spirit lifting hearts

catch a glimpse

flashing in prose

verse shining bright

look for

the Mermaids bite